Kit and Eddie – this is why I’m a wedding photographer

Over a year ago I met a sweet couple - Kit and Eddie... something about the way they were sitting together on my studio couch - their sense of humor and their ideas for their wedding. I HAD to work with them. I was thrilled they felt the same way about me... Kit and Eddie's wedding couldn't come soon enough... I’ve been excited all year to watch their wedding take shape. Not only were they married at one of my all time favorite venues (Scribe Winery) - but they also had so many unique elements to their day. For instance, they saw a street band performing outside a concert they attended – they had to have em, and thus, that was their wedding band. They choose music quotes and painted on pieces of found wood around their ceremony site. They made a ‘Polaroid set’ for their guests, using a vintage couch and old suitcases. Eddie’s background is that he is a chef, so the food and the attention to detail among the reception was unparalleled.

This couple REALLY loves each other, they ooze love – I love their images below. But I think the MOST special moment I’ve EVER HAD at a wedding came not from Kit and Eddie, but from Kit and her father…

Kit’s father uses a wheelchair to get around. He used his braces to walk her down the rugged grassy walkway – the support and the love that they shared during that moment was magnetic. Then… during their customary ‘father/daughter dance’ he wheeled himself out onto the dance floor and without hesitation Kit climbed on her fathers lap and they danced around the dance floor. I tear as I write this because, though they didn't dance across the floor in the conventional way that we imagine, their dance could not have been any more perfect – the love and the laughter that was felt by not only them in that moment, but by all the guests was magical. I’ll never forget that wave of goosebumps and love that washed over me – over everyone. Those moments are exactly why I continue to photograph weddings…. capture that (below) for this sweet couple makes my heart sing.

Kit and Eddie, my new friends. Thank you for a huge gift, the pleasure of photographing this special day.

Beautiful planning by Allison Rose Events.