So.... you are getting married!!!?

First of all, I'm thrilled for you - CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for considering me for one of the most important days of your life. I adore my job, mainly because I form such intimate bonds with my clients, being able to witness such a sacred day is a true gift.... I wanted to answer some of my most frequently asked questions, hopefully this gives you an idea of whether or not we'd be a good fit the day of your wedding.

1. How long have you been shooting weddings?

The short answer is 8 years... the longer answer is that I've shot just about every kind of photography from product to food, to events and families... I fell in love with weddings because you can use all your skill-sets in one day. I love the fast paced nature of weddings and I love that I am using different lenses and angles to really tell the story of a wedding. I've been known to shed a tear and I've even done the electric slide at a wedding (don't judge). Its a celebration, and I can't help but be moved into the excitement of the day.


2. What's your photographic style?

I'd say I am most drawn to the most emotional moments of the day - the bride walking down the aisle and the reactions of her first reveal... the first dance.... the toasts... then of course the relationship between the bride and groom as they are alone. I try to set the tone for a care-free and fun experience so that I can see couples in their natural elements together - giggly, silly... those images to me are the true story of the day. So in essence I encourage things to unfold naturally, I do some posing, but generally I let you do your thing - and make sure I'm watching carefully for defining moments. I find when you pose people too much, they become awkward... unnatural, uncompfortable. I avoid this as much as possible.


3. What equipment do you shoot with? Do you have back up cameras?

I shoot with Canon cameras and lenses, all professional grade and YES - I wouldn't dare leave home without a backup camera. My assistants have at least two cameras on them as well. Can't be too careful...


4. How many weddings do you shoot a year?

About 25, some are smaller elopements and some are destination weddings abroad. I like to mix it up. I won't take on more than 25 for the simple fact that I want to remain excited and enthusiastic about all my clients... not 'burnt out on weddings' which can happen to a lot of wedding professionals.


5. Do you recommend we see each other before the ceremony and get some pictures out of the way?

I would never push a couple to see each other before the ceremony. Some couples approach me about doing this, in which case I lay out the pros/cons, but ultimately I'll work with whatever schedule you give me. I didn't want to see my husband before my walk down the aisle... I had dreamed about that moment for years... so I will continue to respect that for my clients.


6. Do you offer albums? How does that work?

Yes, I offer a couple different types of albums. I only choose album companies that I feel use the most archival techniques. I let my clients see the designs before they go to print, so that the end result is exactly what you desire. Most of my albums are leather bound, with lots of cover color options. Something that may differentiate me from other photographers is that there is no penalty for ordering your album after your wedding...  I know the wedding process is an expensive one so if you choose to make an album for your year anniversary or before a baby arrives (as I did) - that is perfectly fine with me.


7. Do you offer copies of the high resolution images? What is the cost for this?

Yes I offer this, and there is no extra cost - it is included within my packages.  I believe you deserve to have these un-watermarked images. I of course love when you choose to print through me, but I also think you deserve to have copies of your images for generations to come. Most of my clients like the fact that they can put images on Facebook or make holiday cards - I'm totally okay with that (but I do like when you reference/tag me when possible).


8. Do you provide an online gallery?

I do. You can share this link with family and friends. They can do their own ordering from the site if they wish.


How long after the wedding does it take to receive our images?

6 weeks.


9. We see you have a studio, should we come meet with you?

In 2012, I opened a photography studio called Love & Lovely. It's a labor of love and basically stemmed from my love of working with others in the wedding industry. I thrive off their endless creativity. I also thought it was important that couples have a way of seeing my work, discussing their ideas and potentially meeting with other like-minded vendors.  All of the people in my studio are hand-picked by me, and I adore not only their work but their philosophy  on weddings. I'm happy to meet you in the studio so you can see first hand some more examples of my work,  we can sip champagne or coffee and chat more about your wedding day. Click here to read more about the studio.


10. Who are your assistants? What is the benefit of having an assistant?

Her name is Chantel, and she is fabulous. We've been working together for years and she is someone I trust whole-heartedly with every aspect of my business. The benefit of having an assistant is that you receive two perspectives throughout the day - she shoots the entire day with me, so the end result is more images, and different perspectives throughout the day. For smaller weddings I don't think you need an assistant... I leave this choice up to the client.


11. Do you give us a shot-list or how do we tell you what pictures we want?

The week of the wedding I like to have a phone (or in-person) chat with you. I will hear every detail about your wedding, learn about your unique family dynamics and we'll go over a run-through of the day. I share this information with my assistant so we ensure we capture what you want throughout the day, and we know the specifics of your unique wedding.

12. What is your booking process like? How do we proceed?

So assuming your wedding date is available, I require a 1/4 deposit of your chosen package to reserve the date, as well as a signed contract. That's it. I remind you when payments are due and I accept either check or credit card.


Please email me with any other questions or to set-up an in-person or telephone meeting. I look forward to hearing more about your wedding! Again CONGRATS on your engagement ... such an amazing time!