Hello, Camera

Beginning Photography course with Allyson Wiley & Kristy Walker

Really excited to announce that I'll be co-hosting this amazing DSLR Photography Workshop with the amazing San Diego based photographer, Kristy Walker. Kristy and I have known each other 12 years, since our early days studying commercial photography. We're really excited to collaborate on this workshop, Hello, Camera.
So now... let me guess... you bought the fancy camera, maybe even that fancy lens - and you are shooting IN AUTO - like, the whole time? Sound familiar? We thought so, and don't worry... you're not alone.

During this 4-hour Hello, Camera workshop our goal will be to really introduce you to your camera and it's amazing technical functions. Say Hello to a better understanding of its capabilities and how to get the best lighting and composition to create more dynamic imagery.

We want you excited about taking more pictures so we'll be providing some really useful information on putting your vision into practicum with demonstrations and tips. Hello, Camera will get those creative juices flowing, and we just can't wait to see what you create!
You'll Gain Introductions to These Terms/Functions:
-SHUTTER SPEED and how to blend those to create images in the best and
We'll also be providing handouts on our favorite products and useful editing software. 

What to Bring
- Camera – Lens/Lenses -Memory Card
What's Included
- Guidance by two professional photographers on-site to answer any questions
- 4 hour workshop with demonstrations and technical explanations
- Dinner by Girl and The Fig Caterers
(Feel free to bring wine or your favorite beverage to share)
Click here to register. Cost is $149 paid in full.

The Fine Print - please read.
This class will 'sell out' - we are saving a spot for those who register, and buying the necessary class materials. If you cancel - you have taken a spot from someone, therefore we have to abide by these strict cancelation policies. ** If client needs to cancel all money received will be refunded before April 1st, 1/2 will be refunded before April 13th. No amount will be refunded after April 13th.