Lucas... I've been waiting for you!

Sooo, yesterday I woke up very early - gulped down some coffee, picked up some girlfriends and headed up to none other than.... wait for it.... wait for it... Sparks, Nevada! Yep, why you ask? Well... let me explain.... One of my very best friends Melissa gave birth to this AMAZING little boy - well, not so little - he was almost 10lbs at birth. Luke is incredible, with his cute head of hair (he has more hair than I do, I swear), and his long, strong body. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby for my sweet friend Melissa.

Melissa and Randy - you deserve every piece of happiness in this world - and I couldn't have been more happy than to meet this sweet angel - Lucas. I do think it is crazy that Melissa had his name picked out almost 13 years ago when I met her. Lucas, you have finally arrived. Welcome little buddy!