My Baby is 1!!!!

With the help of A Savvy Event - and most especially Kelly - we created a RUGBY themed birthday party for my sweet little boy, Micah. Did I go a little nuts? YES! Am I ever going to be able to top this - YOU BET YA! My husband is from New Zealand and my family was there this past October as New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup! It was fantastic, and we vowed then to make Micah's party in the rugby theme. Some of my favorite elements of the day were the Rugby shaped children's sandwiches and cookies, the water bottle favors for the kids, and of course the newspaper clippings of the New Zealand Rugby Players with their winning trophy. We put some astroturf down for the kids to play on, and created a 'grandstand' out of children's chairs and beanbags.

Kelly with A Savvy Event is AMAZING. Her new business venture is launching soon - I won't give too much away, but let's just say she'll be doing a lot more themed children's events. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her hard work!

One more little shout out to Richard and Marc from Winery Chefs. Richard (the owner) worked with me to create an 'upscale tailgate menu' with some New Zealand elements. I couldn't believe how incredible the food was and how much time and preparation they devoted to our party! Some of the items included, "meat pies," "pok pok chicken wings," and "fish and chip tacos" - they outdid themselves, truly!