Baby Lucas!

It's not every portrait session that we have a belly-button fall off! Yes, that's right, it was an amazing little rite of passage that I experienced. I love my job. I love my job. Claire has become one of my closest friends in Sonoma - you see, she is an UNBELIEVABLE florist (Poppystone Floral Couture) that sits right next to me at my office. I've watched her muster through a long pregnancy, and last week I watched her be an incredible Mama.

Victor welcomed me into their house by presenting me with an handmade gold ring! He's one of the most incredible jewelers - and of course a sweet, hands-on dad. Thank you Victor for my sweet gift... I will treasure it always.

Claire, Victor and Baby Lucas - your closeness already is infectious. I hope these images helped capture this amazing time in your lives. Can't wait for our upcoming playdates!