Quinlan.... I knew you when you were just a dream....

Once upon a time, my husband and I in Sausalito. We lived in an amazing duplex that had the most incredible views...  The best part of the house wasn't the fact that I could see Angel Island or Alcatraz from my bedroom - it was that we lived above the most genuine couple. Enter Bernie and Todd. One day Bernie had the most infectious smile on her face....  that continuous smile made me wonder what was going on... she in fact was pregnant... and I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to 'know.' Now, over two years later.... I get to photograph this BEAUTIFUL child. Enter Quinlan.

I adore this family. I wish I could have them as neighbors my whole life.... sometimes I feel like the song should be "I Left My Heart In Sausalito."


And, this picture of "Quinny" crying makes me laugh... she has the sweetest most calming disposition (and the best lips I've ever seen on a baby) - but this picture makes me giggle so I had to throw it in... sorry "Quinny" - I'm sure you'll get me back someday.